To me cycling is a way to clear the mind. To feel free. To be one with the nature. Because these things are important for me I feel I have to take a stand and take care of Mother Earth. That’s why we try to be as sustainable as possible and why we work with Pella Sports Wear in Biella. Pella, a small family-driven factory, runs on solar energy and are certified with OEKO-TEX, REACH and the wool is always MULESING FREE.

At TAC our goal is to deliver the best, purest and most sustainable solutions to both you as a consumer and Planet Earth as a whole.

TAC is built upon three main “building blocks”: Quality, versatility and sustainability. When we say quality, we’re talking about strong and wear-resistant materials that have a long life cycle and a high level of comfort. We have included versatility because we’re on a mission to prove that wool is more than warm beanies and itchy knitted sweaters. We want to show the world the benefits of wool as a sustainable and comfortable material. Our third “building block” is sustainability, because Planet Earth is too important and beautiful to simply ignore. We hold a great responsibility, and we gladly take it upon us.