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The Forbidden Coast

During Soviet times this stretch of shoreline was off limit, reserved just for the military as a frontier for the Iron Curtain. Dense forest and endless sand dunes became the perfect location for secret bunkers and watch towers. But the USSR fell, and the soldiers disappeared. Today, our two-day bikepacking adventure follows the beach and forest along this once forbidden coast.  Route details: Length: 100km Days: 2 % Unpaved: 85% Single Track: 5% Difficulty: 5 Rideable Time: 99% Total Ascent: 450m (according to Strava ) Highest Point: 33m   The villages were never really re-populated, and nature began claiming back what was hers. The region is now made up of nature reserves and a national park, protecting the vast forests...

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Interview with framebuilder Ari Rosenzweig of Ari Cycles

For how long have you been building bikes? I have been building custom bicycles since 2006. But I have tingled with bikes ever since I could remember. What kind of bikes do you make? I have made any kind of bikes with two wheels and even one trike. Downhill, trail, mtb, full-suspension, gravel , cross, road, touring, city, cargo and everything in between. How did you get into framebuilding?After making a big move with my wife and kids to Israel I decided to give frame building a chance. It was something that I had always been fascinated with. Also my family have always been involved in creation and it was a way to bridge fabrication and art. What is your...

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Torino-Nice Rally....not a race!

September 2018, for the 3rd year in a row, over a hundred cyclists from diverse backgrounds gathered around James Olsen to take part in the Torino-Nice Rally. A recap of what this now classic route is about and interview with the organiser, with a gallery of riders and their set ups. The route The route’s 700km is no walk in the park. With 20 000m of climbing and much of that off road, the Torino-Nice will take you over 2000m several times a day! You’ll be crossing several renowned cols, such as the Col d’Izoard, made famous by the Tour de France, or the Colle Delle Finestre, a gravel section on the Giro. "There are numerous other cols, not so...

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